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Sep 4, 2018

The Importance of A Strong Customer Service

Customer Service is not just about being friendly and courteous to your clients or customers.

It is a vital element of your operations that can impact your business and affect how your organization is viewed by other people. There are several high-profile companies that have been in the news for their poor customer service. Some of them have also gone viral on the internet for poor customer service.

What exactly is Customer Service?

It is a collective set of strictly followed policies that govern you and your company's interaction with your customers. It encompasses a lot of rules, ranging from attending to the questions of the customers immediately to handling complaints and taking actions for problem resolution. The very essence of customer service is making sure that the customers feel that they are heard, treated fairly and valued.

Why is customer service important?

All businesses conduct different strategies to bring in customers.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you know the importance of spending money on marketing and advertising efforts as this helps reel in your customers. Now that you have your customers, the next step is to keep them happy so that they choose you and continue to transact with you in the future. Typically, it costs more to attract new customers than to take care and keep the ones that you already have.

It builds trust

These days, people will only stay loyal if they have a very good reason to do so.

Otherwise, customers can easily move to a different company, and it could be one of your competitors. Customer service builds trust because you are catering to their needs and concerns. By providing excellent service, customers will establish trust in your business, and that could mean the difference between customers who are loyal and those who jump from one brand to another.

It Justifies Your Price

There are multiple studies conducted about this facet.

Surveys have been completed and found that consumers do not mind paying a hefty price so long as they get the experience they deserve. So the pricier your products or services are, the better your customer service should be. Give them what they are paying for.

It Builds Brand Awareness

Despite how digital businesses are today, the word of mouth is still a very powerful ally any business can employ.

What other people say about you or your business could make or break your brand. When you provide the best customer service and you make your customers feel valued, they voice this out to their friends, families and social media. On top of that, they will surely remember your brand.

Deescalates Problems

Problems will never completely vanish from your todo list.

Even if you run your business exceptionally well, issues will eventually arise no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Before the problem gets out of hand, a proper customer service can de-escalate issues that could potentially ruin your name. If customers know that they can voice their concerns and that their issues will be dealt with accordingly, they will feel more at ease to continue doing business with you.

It needs no mention that people love a business with good customer service. Still, there are organizations that settle for an "okay" service rather than going the extra mile to keep customers or clients happy. An excellent customer support puts a smile on the face of your customers. It helps you understand them better and determine what things that can be improved on.

How do businesses make it work?

There are many different ways in which you can keep a customer happy.

In some industries, all employees, even those who are not assigned to the sales team will jump in to help with the customer service. In other industries, they use a ticketing system that does not provide immediate action.

Whichever kind you want for your company, you should always keep in mind that when the customers are at a tipping point, you will easily lose them. So establish a proactive support so that you can retain your loyal customers.


Greg Hickman