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Sep 11, 2018

4 Website Markers That Screams Trust To Users

The first impression will always leave a larger impact on people.

Sadly, you only have a few seconds to impress people in the digital arena. They will base their decision whether to leave or stay on a website based on how it looks. Naturally, a quality website will look like you have devoted months or years to build it. Whereas a lackluster one is just simply unacceptable to many people and they will not trust it.

In this article, let us cover the importance of having a trusted website and what are the markers your visitors are going to check.

The Importance of a Trusted Site

With the presence of scams, malware and theft identity, people grow more wary with their clicks than ever before. If you are running an online store where transactions are taking place, there is a need for you to be hyper-prepared on how your website is going to look like. What does it mean to a customer for a company or a website to be trustworthy? The answer is simple. Better business!

When customers finally realize that you are indeed a trusted business, there are 4 things that you actually receive from them.

You protect your customers - Security and privacy are a growing concern for online consumers as they navigate the internet constantly. Your customers will feel at ease that you will keep their credit card information confidential and that they can easily request for refunds when needed.

You have complete an exceptional service -When people trust you because you provide exceptional service, they are less likely to check the other websites that are offering similar products as yours.

A better company moral -Your visitors will believe that you are a fair and law-abiding company.

Your products will do as what it promises -Ethical businessmen will never sell anything short from what they claim. So if a customer establishes that you are trusted, they will think that you are telling the truth and that your company's product will live up to its claims.

What are the instant markers that a typical customer will look at on your website to deduce that you are indeed a trustworthy company?

Layout and Web Design

Ultimately, the first impression comes from what your entire website looks like. You must do what it takes to get that professional-looking layout. A clean design with high-quality photos will let the visitors know that your business is legitimate and not just a fly-by-night operation that will take their money and vanish soon enough. The layout and web design are trust factors because they establish credibility. The more a visitor scans your pages, the stronger the trust is built.

Along with your web design and layout, consider the following factors too-


Your website should be absolutely user-friendly. Visitors should be able to navigate to important sections without losing their way in the maze of pages. 

User-friendliness also means less clutter, with the main buttons and options right at your fingertips. 

Quick to Load

40% visitors will steer away from a website that needs more than 3 seconds to load. That means you are going to lose out customers for each extra second your website takes to load.

Website loading speed also affects Google rankings. The more the loading time, the lower is the rank!

This is the reason companies invest in creating a seamless and fast-loading website. You also need to optimize your site for mobiles as most internet traffic now originates from mobile devices. 

Social Proof

One of the most-effective website markers that generate trust is social proof. That's why business websites often include logos of clients and customers. You will also find media logos that show the business was covered by the press. 

You can display client and media logos on your website to create instant trust. Including customer reviews and testimonials also go a long way to boost credibility. 

Proudly display your badges on your website to create a strong impact on your potential customers. 

Complete Business Information

Your homepage and blog page are not the only essential parts of your website. As much as the About and Contact pages do not get much attention compared to your product descriptions and blog posts, they are a good indicator of a trustworthy company.

Providing your address, phone number, email address and a list of people to contact with your concerns are markers that scream trust. The thought that they can easily contact and speak with a real human being if they run into some trouble reassures your visitors and soon-to-be customers that you are there to assist them.

Display Your Google My Business Link

One of the best ways to establish yourself as a reputable brand is to join Google My Business. Why is this important?

Joining Google My Business can help you feature in the "3 pack" results on Google search page results. This block of three businesses appear on top of the search results and even show your location on Google Map.

Joining Google's business listing and displaying the link on your contact page builds trust and credibility. People can also follow the link to get directions and contact numbers of your business. They can also leave reviews that directly appear on Google for the world to see.

You will see most businesses have already joined Google My Business. Having your business in the list shows you are a real company and mean business. So always display your Google business widget proudly on your contact page.

Use Consistent NAP

The NAP or name, address, and phone number of your business should be consistent on all platforms. That means you should have the same contact information on your website, Google My Business, and other citations. 

Apart from raising your Google rank, the consistent use of NAP is also crucial to generate trust. If people see you have different contact numbers on your website and other yellow pages, they will think something is not right. Worse, they may also take you for an illegitimate business.

So, always use the same address, phone number, and business name across the internet. 

Up To Date and Online

Beyond the layout, design and the complete business information, you need to ensure that your website is not just up to date with content, but that it also remains online 100% of the time. Make sure that your hosting provider has the appropriate bandwidth for your web traffic.

You can also take the following steps to keep your website updated -

Publish blogs with the same consistency: If you have a blog, publish a post at least once a week or month. Nobody likes to see a blog where the posts are dated from 2016 or 2017. Always keep your blog updated and maintain the same frequency of publishing. 

This makes your readers know when to expect a new post and encourages them to stay tuned.

Use chatbots: Your website can sell 24/7, even when you are sleeping. However, it's not just enough to give your customers a purchasing portal. There should be someone to resolve queries and help them make the purchasing decision.

Using a chatbot can give your customers a virtual assistance round the clock. Bots can be programmed to answer common questions and even link to resources for more information.

It also shows you are always there to help your customers who trust you.

Replace testimonials: Consider replacing the testimonials on your site or rotating them on a regular basis. This makes it look like people are always buying from you and leaving feedback. New testimonials also generate more trust as they express the most recent experiences. 

Social Media Activity

Consumers frequently check the social media accounts of the brands or businesses they are interested in. This is to see if they are sharing some of their recent products or services with their followers.

Furthermore, there is a consistent stream of customer reviews and testimonials on social media. But if the business does not have active social accounts, not even some shared, liked or commented posts, your visitors will assume that you are not an active store at all.

You should make every effort to create a social media presence. It doesn't take any money to sign up on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. However, doing so can expand the reach of your business.

Create social media accounts and request your users to like or follow your pages. You can then use the social media platforms to engage your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Make sure you display your social media badges on your website. This gives your visitors the opportunity to directly visit your social media accounts.

You can also display your social media badges with the number of followers or likes on your website. In your blogs, display social media badges with the number of shares you got. 

An active social media presence and its reflection on your website is a great way to scream, "trust us." And thankfully, your audience or potential customers are absolutely likely to answer your call!

Final Thoughts

Use these trust markers to ensure that the visitors of your site will be at ease in buying from your store. The more trusted your website looks, the greater the chance you have for boosting your conversion rate. Miss out on these markers and you are letting your potential customers slip out of your hands. Don't let it happen!


Greg Hickman