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Sep 20, 2018

Do people trust the online media less?

Nowadays many people find that the traditional print news is becoming outdated and not viable with the easy access to the online world. Online news websites and social media are taking over, and a lot of people rely on these online news websites and social media to learn what is happening around the world and locally.

As the internet is easily accessible in every nooks and corner of the world today, you can get news and updates of the most trending events with just a click of a button. You can access these online news media via your computer and your smartphone. There is no longer the need to buy a newspaper or news magazine to keep oneself updated on the latest happenings.

You can easily use your smartphone to get the latest updates on the go. However, the question is whether these online news media are reliable and trustworthy. Do people believe everything they read or view on their favorite social media or online news websites?

According to a recent survey conducted, it was revealed that 63 percent of the respondents receive online news via their smartphones and the majority of people who receive updates and news in digital forms on their mobile phones rely on three factors: the load time, the digital ads and the content compatibility with the mobile phone. 

Many respondents who get their news in the digital forms stated that they are not likely to trust a website that takes a longer time to load the actual article or have to click more than one link to get the news. 

The placement of digital ads is also very crucial. If the ads get in the way while reading the news or the site is cluttered with too many ads, people will not come back to the site regardless of its content. The last factor is how well the content is compatible with the mobile phone. If the content seems unstable, then the story and the reporting will seem questionable and doubtful as well.

The survey also reflects that over 50 percent of the respondents get their news from social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, most people who use these social media platforms to get news and updates take them with a pinch of salt.

Social media users do not always trust the social media for important news and events. People are aware that there is no reliable fact-checking mechanism and the contents are mostly driven by individual preferences. Although any particular news may not be trusted, people do like to give their comments and voice their opinions on the news topic.

Most news enthusiast people would check various other sources to confirm the news themselves. However, if the news posted on social media is by a source of a trusted brand, people do generally believe in the news.

The newspaper or news magazines may seem obsolete nowadays; however, a lot of people still trust the print media over social media or online news. Today many news publication companies are trying to keep up with technology by providing online editions of their newspapers with the same content as the printed ones. These traditional newspaper publishers can retain their loyal customers and are also still making money by offering the online edition news with subscription fees.  For a conventional type of person, such online edition of your favorite newspaper is convenient.

Regardless how trustworthy or not the online news media is, it is evident that the digital news is growing mainly because of its easy accessibility. It is easier to read the news on your mobile phones or laptops than buying a newspaper.


Greg Hickman