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Sep 27, 2018

How to increase conversion at an e-commerce site

Modern online shopping has changed the way people shop and trade today.

Many brick and mortar businesses nowadays are launching their websites and going online. Online commerce has given business owners the opportunity to take their businesses to all parts of the world and places they have never imagined before. But Besides having amazing products, you need an even more incredible website to sell your product.

However, only these two factors will not help you when it comes to actual sales. You also need traffic to your site. E-commerce conversion means to convert the website traffics to paying customers. What good is heavy traffic to your website if you have not made any sales? Like any business, what really matters is how much money you made and not how many people visited your site.

Many methods are there which you can use to improve your conversion rates. Besides having quality products to sell, you need a good website design that will make shopping on your site easy and convincing so that your customers will complete their purchases. Starting from the moment a potential customer visits your website, your website must be able to keep the customer interested and convinced to purchase from your website.

To start with, you can display the best-seller items and items on sales on the home page. You can also add a prominent and separate section for clearance sales so that customers will not miss them.

One of the main reasons people shop on a particular website is because of the free shipping. Free shipping is the number one reason people complete the purchase according to a recent survey. If you have products from different sellers on your website, you must indicate whether shipping is free or not clearly on each product before a customer views the product details.

Offering free shipping is more appealing than discounts on products to most online shoppers.  A clear image of the product is also essential. A customer must be able to view the product from all angles. Today, a video of the product is often added to help boost sales. The product descriptions should also be more personalized and not only relies on the manufacturer’s description.

Adding real customers’ reviews and personal recommendations always help to convince customers to trust the product. Better search options also increase the conversion rate. People do not have the time to go through all the similar products. Your website can offer better search options by providing auto-suggest that display list of products as you type the keywords. You can also provide the filter option so that customers can narrow down their search more efficiently.

One of the top conversion killers is asking for too much information. Do not ask for data you do not absolutely require. A lot of customers get frustrated when asked for too much information when trying to make payment and will abandon the cart and not make the purchase. Keep your payment section comfortable and short for the customer. 

One good step to tackle cart abandonment issues is by asking the email address of the customer first before he chooses to make his payment. This way even if they abandon their carts, you can always remind them via email and convince them to complete the purchase.

You can also add live chats so that customers can ask a real person to address any concerns the customer may have and reduce abandon carts rate. You can also provide more payment options so that customers have the option to use the payment service they trust and are most comfortable with.

There are many creative ways to increase the conversion rate for your website. Besides, conduct regular testing to find out any gaps or advantages you may have to rectify and improve the site’s interface and also to enhance the positive aspects. A customer-friendly website is your best weapon to increase its conversion rate.


Greg Hickman