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Mar 27, 2019

Investing in a Social Proof Software: Tools that Increase your Website Conversion Rates Fast

Every business wants the same things – to boost sales, to promote their name, and to be the best in the market. Utilizing a Social Proof tool to increase your client base and credibility is one of the wisest moves you can make.

What is Social Proof?

How much do your customers trust you? Do they add in items to the cart but don’t check out?

What if you had some great reviews? Would your customers have acted differently?

Social proof is all about building a brand so that customers get to trust you. Else, customers may just visit your website, and not subscribe to your services, simply because they don’t trust you enough. They will simply follow the actions of other customers who didn’t subscribe to your services or buy your product – and it could become a never-ending loop.

A 2013 study stated that over 74% of customers prefer to look at positive testimonials and product ratings; everything helps in the market ability.

Here is the thing if you are looking at the description of social proof. When certain products or services have numerous, positive reviews or high customer ratings, they are more likely to be patronized by other visitors landing on your primary webpage.

Social Proof can be likened to a well-decorated Navy or Military Officer who has got several years of service experience behind his belt. The number of accolades or awards he has pinned on his uniform is equivalent to the quantitative value (years of service, rank, accomplishments) of his knowledge and skills.

The qualitative proof will be the type of awards these pins represent – such as the awarding body or prestige associated with these accolades. The level of trust and respect matter. In this case, the salutation, authority, andreputation, given to this officer will be for both the quantity and quality symbolized by the awards on his chest.

Who uses Social Proof Software?

With an ever-increasing amount of products and services available to consumers these days, Social Proofing is seeing a rather diverse pool of users that want the same things – to boost sales, to promote their name, and to be the best in the market.

If you are contemplating on how you can achieve all three (or more) with your start-up venture, using a Social Proof tool to increase your client base and credibility is one of the wisest moves you can make.

Social Proofing is a step up the strategic marketing ladder. With the best social proof software, it will be easier for you to attract more business.

What are the Different Forms of Social Proof?                            

There are a good many marketing strategies under Social Proofing.

Using different strategies may help to establish better consumer trust and product or service authority. However, the type of Social Proof metrics that is right for you depenson the industry you are in.

Below is a tabulated list of Social Proof tools that are most online corporates use today.

Quantitative SP Tools

Qualitative SP Tools

Star ratings

Customer testimonials, feedback or online reviews

Satisfaction percentages

Logos of well-respected brands or companies

Research or other statistics

Photos or profiles of customers

Number of followers on social media sites

Case studies

Number of downloads

Seals of approval of accrediting bodies/agencies


Celebrity endorsements

Customer visits

Testimonials from industry experts

Readership or subscriber figures

Media citations

Number of bookings made


Subscriber shares

Consumer referrals/recommendations

The list not exhaustive. You need to know that people can retell one’s experiences, and share their stories to a captured audience. Think social media communities and messaging rights when you think about social proof.

You need to be able to connect to your audience. So, if you have a travel site or business, think about the role of a female traveler. You may want approvals from female travelers, and a few to share their experiences with others.  Like, they could talk about their common interests or where the best vegetarian restaurants are – things that other users of your site can connect to. It helps build your brand credibility.  

If you are running a B2B enterprise, chances are you will need positive client testimonials and service reviews even more to boost sales and market authority.

Why Use Social Proof Tools In Marketing Your Business?

Perhaps the easiest, most effective way to explain why Social Proof metrics set your business up for success is by looking at how it actuallyaffects it.

Traditionally, back in the 18thand 19thcentury, word-of-mouth was how most companies succeeded. Today, the ‘bandwagon effect’ works according to the same principle, andis the driving force behind strategic Social Proof marketing.

The bandwagon effect is the psychological phenomenon of one’s action or event to a group of people - usually consumers, target audience or market niche. They will be influenced to perform the same actionor participate in the same event, simplybecause of the subtly implied mindset that ‘I should do it because everybody is doing it’.

Almost always, the original beliefs or opinions of the influenced will have been overridden by what was observedas the trend, fad or norm at that time.

The phenomenon can be witnessedin various socio-economical, political and financial contexts:

  • Wearing the latest fashion trends,
  • Buying items from media advertisements,
  • Purchasing technological gadgets,
  • Voting in the national elections, and more.

Many of the decisions we take are, subconsciously or consciously, steered by the bandwagon effect.

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is” - Scott Cook, eBay, andProctor & Gamble Director

The Top Benefits of the Bandwagon Effect

Two basic human requirements are metwhen business patrons endorse the products or services it offers to its consumers.

First, you improve the trust in the business.

Cyber scammers and hackers are everywhere, and convincing users that your services are realgets easierif you show data-driven statistics. If a business claims that it has “satisfied over 1 million customers” or that theirs is a product that has “sold over 1 billion copies”, a social proof software will be able to back up these claims with real statistics and verifiabledata.

Trust translates to customerloyalty a business builds. While it is true that it grows stronger over time, it can also improve based on evidence like more number of positive reviews and ratings. A goodSocial Proof tool will readily verify the credibility or trustworthiness of businesses that promise consumer satisfaction.

Second, it helps build your reputation.

As a business, you would want to build a morerobust name and reputation. Your business authority increases over a period of timebut with a social proof tool, your customers may be able to trust you earlier. We will take a look how a social proof app can help your business below.

How Does Social Proof Increase Your Business Conversion Rates?

Now that you know what Social Proof is and how it can lead to business success. learnto understand how this software increases your conversion rates, making visitors subscribe or buy what you have to offer.

Better conversion rates means more of a customers’ commitment to purchase your products and services. Incorporating Social Proof metrics is like sending that final hook reeling towards your clients before they leave the page – you don’t want them closing the browser without making the purchase.

To know what works for you the best, you need A/B Testing. Text placements, or Call to Actions can make a world of difference.


With a tool like you can do it easily – by just adding in a line of code.  Then, you can compare two different versions of the same webpage  - with similar content, language or images - and find out statistically which version is more effective. You get results in the form of verifiabledata and statistics, giving you the opportunity to make informed decisions to improveyour sales and ROI.

Plus, TrustActivity also helps improve your brand reputation by displaying a seal of trust to your visitors when they are on your site. It’s just the right social proof tool you need for your business. And with the social proof plugin, it is easy to install on your site too.


Greg Hickman