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Aug 20, 2018

Simple Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Start-ups

Have you been getting a tremendous amount of traffic, and yet your conversion rate has not moved up as you expected?

Even if you are following every rule in the book, there is always this chance that despite the amount of traffic your website gets, nobody seems to opt-in to the call-to-actions. The answer to your problem is conversion rate optimization.

Keep in mind that conversion optimization and the best practices to boost it have a limited value as they are not always effective for every site. Since every person's nature of business somewhat differs with one another person, the only way to identify if a feature on your site is effective or not is to test it.

Once you start doing this, you will soon find out that one test element may fit a situation, only to discover that it doesn't work in another case. So the tips below should not be taken as full proof recommendation but rather as suggestions that anybody can test on their own site.

Here are some of the conversion optimization tips you can test for your online business.

Strategize your Call-To-Action (CTA)

Displaying a landing page is important as it serves one main purpose - to get some sort of information from your visitors. It can be lead generation for email subscribers, contact information or sales. Using a strategic call to action can help promote a real purpose to your content. They instruct your audience to act in a certain manner that can be beneficial for both parties.

Strategizing your CTAs and placing them in the appropriate positions can make or break your conversion rate. There are different kinds of CTAs - in-line anchor texts, pricing tables, pop-ups and many more. Make sure to try and test each one of them to identify which of these will work best on your website.

Read About Color Psychology

Designing your layout in the best way possible is never enough yet.

It should never be just about you and your brand. You also have to think about how you can cater to your visitors to keep them from leaving. Understanding colors and how they play a role in the decision-making process of a given person might just be the answer to help you boost your conversion rate. You see, different colors mean different things. Each one of them conveys a different vibe and emotion.

Red signals urgency, yellow grabs the attention of people and blue exudes security and trust. You can use these colors to convey a message to your visitors. For example, you can use red to show your latest incoming sale. You can also use a yellow heading for urgent posts. Utilizing a blue background on check out can provide a sense of security among your customers. Using these various colors appropriately will surely help you boost your conversion rate.

Show A Pricing Table

This is very important especially for businesses that offer multiple services or multiple packages.

Pricing tables are regarded as a good form of call-to-action as they allow your visitors to compare your services and their cost. You can easily show at least 2 or 3 different price ranges and the larger benefits your customers will get by selecting a pricier package. This is essential when you are promoting a specific plan in comparison to other packages.

Webpage Speed

The speed of your page plays a vital role in your conversion rate.

Nobody can wait 15 seconds anymore. Every internet users expect your page to load at least within 2 seconds. If it doesn't, then the first thing they would hit is either the back or exit button.

If your website pages load fast, then your conversion rate will follow suit. You can simply perform a speed test to see how your website is performing. If it is too slow, you can opt and upgrade for a faster hosting to decrease your page load speed.

Just like any marketing strategy, conversion rate optimization is a never-ending game. By testing different steps and implementing these tips above, you should be able to see which of these strategies will work best for your site.

As long as you keep researching and testing, you will soon find the perfect blend of conversion rate optimization for your site.


Greg Hickman