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Sep 6, 2018

Why You Need to Optimize Your Website For Mobile Use

There is no denying that portable devices like mobile phones and tablets have become an essential part of our daily lives.

People all over the world own some type of gadget allowing them to access their daily emails, conduct personal or business calls, interact on social media platforms and surf the internet.

Initially hand-held phones' primary purpose was to provide a typical telephonic use. But as the technology has advanced and the vision of wireless communication was successfully launched and used, more inventors and companies have seized the opportunity in implementing something more than just a device you can use to talk to people.

Aside from the typical use of mobile users nowadays, they are also used for GPS tracking (Waze), conducting businesses (Uber), listening to music (Spotify) and even watching your health, mobile phones have truly integrated in the list of needs for people to live and exist.

If you have a business website, it is very critical that you think of mobile optimization.

Since websites today primarily provide a visual experience, it is crucial that you make your website look good. Because people spend more time on their phones than on their computers, you stand to lose valuable customers if you do not optimize your business for mobile use.

Here are some of the reasons why you must absolutely do it.

Improve Use-Experience

Anybody who has browsed the web before has most likely stumbled on a website that was not optimized for mobile viewing. It is incredibly annoying that you need to keep zooming in and out of the content just to be able to read it.

On top of that, options, buttons and pages are very difficult to click. Optimizing your website will ultimately fix these problems and leave a good impression on your visitors. Moreover, research shows that people tend to leave a positive feedback when they found your website easy to use on mobile.

Improved Accessibility

People, in their free time, will get easily bored. Usually, the first thing they do is grab their smartphones and either scans their social media accounts or visit their favorite online store.

Can you just imagine how inconvenient it would be to turn on your laptop or computer just to pass five to ten minutes of boredom? Optimizing your site for mobile use makes you more accessible to your customers because they can easily check your website and make a purchase.

Better Brand Engagement

A website that is not mobile-optimized has options and buttons that are difficult to click. This leads to visitors hitting the exit button instead and visit a more mobile-friendly site. But if you fix this problem, users can access any detail on your page with ease.

Furthermore, when people are satisfied with their initial site visit, they are more likely to return on desktop. But if the visitors are not impressed, there is a very slim chance of getting another visit. Just like that, you lose a potential customer and conveniently handed him or her over to your competitors.

Increases Conversion

The more visitors click on your website, the higher your click-through rate is. Mobile shoppers do not have the patience to navigate a poorly optimized and designed webpage. So it would be to your advantage if you properly optimize it for mobile-use. Remember, the more you make your sites friendly to users, the highly likely it is for you to bag purchases from impulse buyers.

Take the time to learn how to optimize your site properly. If you are using the WordPress platform, this should not be as difficult as one might think. As long as you cater to the mobile users, the more transactions you will get.


Greg Hickman