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Aug 18, 2018

3 Crucial Tips To Drive Up Your Online Sales

The problem for many online businesses is growth is not always consistent.

Even if you are selling the most in-demand product or service today, the majority of the consumers are not necessarily going to squander all their money on your business alone. Giants like Target or Walmart still continue to experience a similar problem. You are most definitely not alone in this endeavor.

There are three principal ways to improve your online sales. And you must exhaust your resources to ensure that you are targeting and optimizing them right.

1. Find ways to increase your number of customers.

There are a number of ways to help boost your number of customers. You can try to solve a problem in your industry, produce remarkable content, drive relevant targeted traffic via organic or paid channels, boost conversions or try to incorporate referral programs.

This is where Digital Marketing comes into play. For you to increase your number of customers, you must identify ways to become more visible to search engines. Which means you need to spend time working on your site's SEO. Without it, even if you sell the most extraordinary products, no one will find them.

Another way to boost up your visitors number is to drive relevant traffic. Relevance is important here because people have different goals when they visit websites. If you target customers who do not have even the slightest interest in your brand, then nothing is going to happen.

You can drive relevant traffic by targeting a specific type of audience.

For example, your website, products, and services are most likely catering to men who are concerned about their facial hair. The most convenient way to find these people is to search for them on social media. As Internet users gather at specific online locations depending on their interests, there is no better place for you to introduce your products (e.g. beard oil or hair grower) to a group of men than a targeted group on Facebook or Instagram.

2. Find ways to increase customer order size.

A perfect example here is when you try to order a regular sized meal at a fast food restaurant. The cashier would typically ask you if you would like to add fries to your meal. Or, they would upgrade the size of your meal and beverage if you just add $1.20. This is the essence in increasing the average order size.

For example, if you are selling packets of Bentonite clay masks, you can easily offer a 20% off if they bump up their order to the next size, which is presumably a small tub. Typically, a regular customer who trusts your products will be enticed to purchase the tub of clay mask.

However, getting new customers to increase their initial order size can be a bit tricky - unless, of course, they have read great reviews and testimonials about your product. This strategy is what you call quantity discount.

Another tip to increase your customer's average order size is to offer an upsell. For example, if your website is selling all-natural shampoo bars, you can try to upsell your product by offering a free conditioner if they make a purchase of two shampoo bottles.

Throwing in a free item will entice your customers to buy more. If you are offering a service like cleaning a house, you can offer them an additional week of cleaning for free, if they avail of a two-month service. Any customer would definitely be tempted to pay for that service if they can get a freebie as well.

3. Find ways to encourage repeat purchases.

As much as every webmaster wants to boost their traffic, doing so does not directly equate to conversions. You will have more luck in getting a repeat purchase from an old customer than inviting a new one to try your product. With that said, there are ways to target new and old customers to repeatedly buy from you.

Start offering promotions via email. You can advertise on your website that members will receive coupons and discounts from you. This does not just boost your opt-ins, it can also ultimately and positively affects your sales.

Another technique you can do if you are selling products on your website is to offer free shipping for an entire year. By doing this, you get to lock in your customers for the long-term. This is also one of the reasons why Amazon continues to flourish.

Finally, consistently provide the optimal customer service. No one will come back to your business online if you do not give them the service they want and deserve.

Consumers always remember the businesses that have offered them impressive and friendly customer service. On top of that, they are also more likely to recommend and refer your website to some of their friends and family.

Whether you have been managing an online store for months or decades, trying to win conversions for getting more sales is a never-ending battle. As an online entrepreneur, you must do everything you can to acquire new customers, gain their trust and entice them to spend money on your goods and services. Follow the three crucial tips above and you will surely be on your way to more conversions and more sales.


Greg Hickman