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Aug 17, 2018

How To Entice Your Customers To Come Back Again

A website is not just an asset you can create today and forget about tomorrow, hoping that visitors will drop by, opt-in and maybe make a purchase. The truth is, websites take time to nurture. You have to commit to it and consistently update it to make your site popular and relevant.

As long as you continue to work on your website, you can seriously increase your number of visiting users and the number of return visits. Follow the advice below to get more return visitors.

Give Them What They Want Immediately

Remember, you only have a few seconds to make an impression. So do not hide the important information that can make your customers stay or come back later. Make your call to actions clear and avoid long texts at the top of your pages.

People are not interested in reading an entire paragraph for a product description. Simplify everything as much as possible so that your visitors can find what they are looking for conveniently and rapidly.

Reward Your Current Customers

Rewarding your current customers will make them come back for more and foster loyalty. You can always offer second purchase discounts for a minimum required amount. For example, a customer who spends $30 today will immediately receive a 50% off coupon for their next $30 purchase.

Offers such as these will help bring a value-minded user back to your website and help him make another purchase. You can also set up other loyalty programs such as gaining points for every purchase they make.

Be More Social

Although social media has no direct influence on your organic web traffic, it is however, the simplest bridge to get in the face of your potential customers. A typical visitor will always check a website's social media presence as this is the platform where they can find customer interactions.

Without it, there is a chance that your visitors today will not come back later. Introduce your Facebook and other social channels on your homepage. These networks are not just excellent at supplementing your business reputation, it is also the simplest way to get in the face of your potential customers.

Install The Necessary Tools

There are so many tools you can use to help you analyze your website and even help you boost your traffic and conversions. Perhaps the most basic tool you can use is Google Analytics. You can set up a free account and check which part of your website has limitations.

You can also use this tool to determine the percentage of users immediately exiting your website without even checking any other page. This is also called your site's bounce rate. Compare the low and high bounce rate pages on your site and see how you can add improvements so that you can compel your future visitors to come back.

Provide Important Information

Every Digital Marketer will tell you that blogging helps boost your traffic. What's great about it is that it also addresses your conversion. For example, if you are selling flooring material, you can post a blog article about the pros and cons of using vinyl tiles over regular tiles.

Take this as an example. If you are selling packaged goods that can be consumed, you can talk about health-related concerns such as allergies and probably gluten intolerance. Well-written and thoroughly researched blog content can actually entice your visitors to come back, read more, and make another purchase down the road.

Offer Customer Correspondence

A quick response to any inquiry is essential, especially if your visitor is really eager to buy your products. A built-in chat system for your website can be a bit pricey. As an alternative, provide a FAQs page. Make sure that the questions on your blog posts or forum posts are also answered.

Addressing these inquiries will make your customer feel taken care of. On top of that, they will most likely be very willing to visit your site again. Not responding to messages and inquiries will make your visitors think that your website is dead, or that you do not care about your customers at all.

Owning and operating a website is not always easy. Getting people to come back and revisit your website is even more complicated. Nail these points above as they can serve as a groundwork in ensuring that you get more revisits and increase the revenue of your business for many years to come.


Greg Hickman